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Where creaivity, business, your website designer and dog hair meet…



Website developer and small business owner

A creative soul with big dreams, tea and coffee drinker, wife and mamma of a few fur babies. Enlarging your online footprint one hop at a time. Through my own journey as a small business owner I struggled to get support to help me with the mondane.

My position on carrots: I love drinking ginger & carrot juice.

The Rabbit

The Rabbit

Right hand (paw) to my human mom

Dreamer of great things, mostly about adventures outdoors and delicious food (but if someone asks I work very hard to help with building your website…). Summary: Why am I here ? Because I look good on screen.

My position on carrots: Recently converted fan of eating carrots with my brother and sister.


As a website designer I can help you

in your business journey to find tools that will help you succeed with the mundane.  After all, a small business owner soon learns that you will need more than the skills you initially though to make it through each day. I’ll do what I love to do,
so that you can do what you love to do.

The hop you need to get noticed digitally to grow your business.


Working as a website developer is

creative and fun.  As a website designer get to work with a multitude of different industries and clients. Learning about these industries are exciting and challenging. 
I like things to be pretty but practical.  Being creative but not going over the top is my motto. Designing a site where your tribe can feel at home helps to convert prospective clients to life long consumers. 

Get ready to start with your website. Answer a couple of questions to help you get started with your website content, needs and goals. It might feel overwheling to start but in the end your website will be a showcase of your products or services.

Website designer – Marissa

When I started my first business 10 years ago I made many mistakes which cost me a lot of money not to mention tears cried over spilled milk.  Some mistakes you have to make but some you might be able to skip a few if you apply some of the tips I’ll share with you.  Some might work for you, others might not. 
Having your own business is like having a baby, a business mentor Suzette Le Roux once explained to me.  More or less with some teething problems, tantrums and constant expenses.  On the flip side there are also the small wins, like booking your first client or completing your first commission.  

Being a business owner means being a lot of things at once. I had to learn to manage admin, sort out PC issues, accounting and invoicing and many more.  This is especially true in the beginning.  As you grow it might be useful to source out things like accounting.  This is where I got more experience with building websites.  Creating content and making things look pretty was always fun, so it was an easy hat to wear.  I love the feeling when I can look at a page that started out as a white screen, now being a representation of your business personality. Above all sharing my business tips and tricks with you gets me excited, since you might benifit from my mistakes of the past. 

Be sure no rabbits will be hurt in any way for your website.

As a website designer I can help you to create a

online footprint for your small business through your website and social media.

If you want to find your dream client you need to show your product and service to the world. You need to show them how you will solve their problem, and how you will make their life easier on your website.

Are you a small business without a website ?

Enlarge your online footprint today, by getting your business website and social media working for you.